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weight control during goods receiving and dispatch procedures prevents vehicles and warehouse racks from overload.
FS: Mobile Scales for Forklift Truck, designed to save you Time and Money by weighing product as you Move it
Forklift truck scales FS3000 (basic package)
Standard configuration forklift truck scales with 0,01% error of indication including installation
3300.00 EUR
Forklift truck scales FS3000 (including thermal printer)
Forklift truck scales with 0,01% error of indication including thermal printer and installation
3800.00 EUR
Forklift truck scales FS3000 installation and configuration
Installation and connection of forklift truck scales FS2000 with 0,01% error of indication on your forklift
100.00 EUR

Excellent solution for optimization of your storage and manufacturing needs.


dol trans tech 1C
cheaper version of RAVAS scales (Sweden) just-in-time delivery reliable and easy to operate scales integration with computer and 1C


Forklift truck scales FS3000 (RAVAS equivalent) ROI analysis

With FS3000 mobile scales on your forklift truck you do two things at the same time: transporting and weighing. It's no longer necessary to drive back and forth to a fixed floor scales with every pallet or container. You save finances and time from the very first day of FS3000 operation

  • improvement of work performance
  • extension of effective storage area

For example:How-to-Save-Money Let’s take a distribution centre with up to 180,000 loaded pallets being transferred annually as an example. 55,000 of those transfer cycles require weighing on a fixed floor scales during the in- and outcoming goods control. By doing that on the forklift truck you save up to 3 minutes per pallet transfer cycle. That means an annual saving of 165,000 minutes, or 2,750 man hours per year, which means that you save 740,000 RUB per year. Removing the floor scales from the premises provides the additional storage area of up to 12 m2.

To achieve that you will need 2 forklift trucks equipped with forklift truck scales FS3000 which will pay off within several months.

not to mention constantly increasing penalties for overloaded vehicles which cost out at 150,000 – 500,000 RUB!

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penalties for a legal entity:
in case of overload more than  2% - 100–150,000 RUB.

in case of overload more than 10% - 250–300,000 RUB.
in case of overload more than 20% - 350–400,000 RUB.
in case of overload more than 50% - 450–500,000 RUB.


  • scales have medium accuracy class and comply with the requirements of GOST OIML R76-1-2011
  • maximum capacity – 2,000 kg
  • verification scale interval (actual scale interval) – 1 kgFS2000
  • LED indicator for battery status and low battery message shown on display
  • automatic control of forklift mast tilt angle during the weighing process
  • automatic control of pallet position on the scales during the weighing process
  • indicator type – dot matrix LCD with backlight
  • built-in thermal printer for labels and receipts
  • EAN-13, EAN-128, CODE 128, CODE 39, ITF-14 barcode printing 
  • barcode scanner connectivity
  • data connection – Ethernet, USB, RS-232
  • 1C integration

FS3000 scales are equipped with DLS strain gauges (error of indication is not above 0,2%), big dot matrix LCD with backlight (easy data reading at all lighting conditions), built-in 5,000 mAh battery (70 hours of continuous operation) and Bluetooth module (no cables needed within 10-meter radius!)

fs3 fs2 fs1

Installation and connection of forklift truck scales FS3000 on your forklift will take less than 2 hours. Scales are installed easily and do not require any changes to be made in forklift mechanics or structure. As a result, the weight of all the cargo being processed will be determined with minimum error of indication.

Weighing process goes as follows. Forklift operator lifts the cargo up to the marked point. After the scales have been stabilized the weight determination takes about 3-5 seconds and the data is shown on the display. The scales are powered by exchangeable 5,000 mAh battery module that can be charged from a 220V voltage source.






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